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11 Questions

There’s a cute game going around the crafty blogs called “11 Questions”… and I’ve been tagged!  (Thanks Ashley!)  I’ve decided to change the game up a bit (aka, shorten it because I have to get the kids to bed in 10 minutes!) before passing it on.

Here are the rules:  1.  Post the rules.  2.  Post a photo of yourself or something you’re working on.  3.  Answer the questions below and tag your favorite crafty bloggers (let them know!) to keep the game going.

I finished the last of the burp cloths tonight and added a cute little label. Sew much fun! 🙂

Here goes…

1.  Why do you blog?  Because I love sharing my favorite things – reading, writing, and sewing.
2.  What have you made in the past year of which you are most proud?  I’ve written the book JUST BREATHE.  It’s my favorite one so far, and I’ve put so much time and energy into it!
3.  Where do your best ideas come from?  For writing, my ideas come from everywhere – photos, books, movies, strangers, friends.  Sewing ideas come from other crafty bloggers, magazines, and stores.
4.  What’s your favorite background noise while crafting?  The radio.
5.  Why do you craft?  It’s my creative outlet when I need a break (or to recharge) from writing.
6.  What’s your favorite hangout spot?  The bookstore.  Books and hot cocoa, peace and comfy chairs = heaven!
7.  If you could pack up and go anywhere right now, where would you travel?  To a quiet gite in France.
8.  What book is next on your list of things to read?  TRAIL OF TRIALS by Amy Elizabeth.  I just received it from Amazon today – I’m so excited to read it!
9.  Coffee, tea, or cola?  Tea.  British Breakfast Blend, please.  🙂
10. Five years from now, do you think you’ll still be blogging?  Yes!  I can’t seem to stop – I’m addicted to it.
11. Which blogs do you read most regularly?  Just a sampling of the many on my list:   BagLadyLulu, C.B. Wentworth, Cluck Cluck Sew, tbnranchAli Edwards.

And here are my favorite blogs – Tag!  I can’t wait to hear your answers to these questions, ladies!


Cluck Cluck Sew

Sew Fantastic

Twin Fibers

Lil Miss Shabby


5 thoughts on “11 Questions”

  1. Love all your answers. We are two peas in a pod! 🙂

    I really love the title of your book. I can totally see it on a cover!

    Thanks for the blog love!

    p.s. I am so excited that you have Trail of Trials – it is a fantastic read by a wonderful author. 🙂

    1. I’m excited too! I’m in the middle of another book right now but yours is next. And I already sneaked a peek at your short story at the end – SO good! I was born and raised in Wisconsin, so it really resonated with me. 😉

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