{Grab A Book} Trail of Trials by Amy Elizabeth

A few weeks ago I discovered the book Trail of Trials by Amy Elizabeth.  A collection of western folk poetry, it’s not something I would normally pull off the shelf, but the idea of reading about cowboys and ranching intrigued me.

For days I’ve been trying to write a review expressing how much I adore this book.   I’ve yet to write anything that can do it justice, so I thought I’d just show you a letter I wrote to the author instead…

Hi Amy!   
I had to send you a personal email to tell you –  I sat down with your book yesterday afternoon to take a quick peek while my boys did their homework, and ended up spending the rest of the evening reading the whole thing!  It’s FABULOUS!!  I can’t even explain how much I love your poetry!!
The funny thing is, I don’t normally read poetry.  But yours just resonates with me – half of the pages I felt like you’d dipped into my life and written from it.  The one titled SISTERS, I nearly called my own sis to read it to her.  Every last word held something I’ve shared with her.  🙂

Your cowboy poems paint such vivid pictures, your writing is so personal and real… throughout the book I found myself laughing out loud or nearly in tears!  It’s truly wonderful.
The short story at the end surprised me too – I grew up in northern Wisconsin and spent every summer at our cabin.  I could picture your story while I read it.  I’m so glad you included it with your poems. 
And I’m really glad you’re continuing to write – I’ll be one of the first to buy your western romance when it’s ready.  🙂
Bonnie James


Amy Elizabeth lives in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Tilden Bar None Ranch.  She writes “This book is a collection of Western Folk Poetry about life, love, and cowboyin’.  What else is there?”

For more information, visit Amy’s blog


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