Blueberries and oven mitts

It’s that time of year again – blueberry season!

  My sister owns a blueberry farm in northern Wisconsin so I’m becoming quite familiar with all of the time and effort it takes to get those fat, juicy berries perfected for the summer.

A few months ago I came across some adorable blueberry fabric and a pattern to make a muffin oven mitt.  Of course I thought of my sister, and finally last week I got around to making it for her.

There was so much fabric left over that I decided to make some other goodies for the kitchen…

My sister loves to bake blueberry muffins (we just had some at Easter with the last of her frozen berries from last year – yummmm) and make jams and other desserts.  Hopefully she’ll find these towels and oven mitts useful!  And maybe she’ll be so impressed with my gift that she’ll let me sneak a few of those berries when I visit….  🙂

Hot Cakes!  oven mitt patterns can be found at


12 thoughts on “Blueberries and oven mitts”

  1. Mmmmmm . . . blueberries! I remember picking bowls full every summer at my grandpma’s house and later at my aunt’s cabin. 🙂

    Those blueberry kitchen accessories are absolutely adorable!!!

    1. Thanks, C.B.! I have fond memories of picking blueberries in the woods with my grandpa when I was little too. The berries were much smaller than the ones on my sister’s farm, but they were warm and so sweet – mmmm, makes my mouth water. 🙂

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