Sew, Write

There’s always time

Is it just me, or are things getting crazy busy?  With so much going on before summer vacation starts and a manuscript hogging  my attention, I almost forgot to sew over these last couple of weeks.  Almost.

But even in the throes of chaos, there’s always time for playing with pretty fabric, right?   Maybe I’ll have this baby finished by the end of the summer!  🙂


6 thoughts on “There’s always time”

    1. I loved my class, it was so much fun! I was just thinking about your question this morning… I’d like to try the quilting myself. What would look good on a block pattern like this?

      1. On a busy quilt like this, I don’t think the quilting will show up all that much, so if you want to try your hand a free motion quilting, the mistakes will be less obvious and use a print backing that matches the top and use thread that blends with both. I have always done straight line and in the ditch quilting (which would also look nice and be easier), as my FMQ is not very good so I just take to a long-arm quilter. If you have never done FMQ, maybe stick with straight line quilting for now and practice FMQ with practice pieces. I think that is what I am going to start doing.

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