The Perfect Match {Book Review}

The Perfect Match

If there is a more hilarious romance author than Kristan Higgins, I have yet to track her down.   This is exactly why I adore Higgins’ books.  Every single one of her novels has made me both laugh out loud and sniffle into tissues, chapter after chapter.

Higgins’ most recent romance novel, The Perfect Match, is the second in her Blue Heron series.  The setting of this series takes place in the stunning Finger Lakes region of New York at a family owned vineyard.  Honor Holland is the middle sister of four children and a witty and sweet character who makes the story a fun read.  Add to this the delicious British hero Tom Holland, and The Perfect Match quickly becomes a book that’s difficult to put down.

My favorites of the story?  Higgins wrote Tom Holland’s character beautifully, with  British slang and mannerisms so believable that I never once doubted his authenticity.  A story of arranged marriage is always fun  to read, and Higgins does a great job of making this one fresh and fun.  Lastly, I simply adore the entire Holland family – hilarious siblings, grumpy grandparents, sweet and oblivious father, and of course, the furry four-legged family members that have great personalities of their own.

If you’re looking for a funny and heartwarming romance novel to curl up with over the holiday season, then The Perfect Match is perfect for you.

Here is an overview and review from Booklist:
The winemaking Holland family, first introduced in The Best Man (2013), returns in Higgins’ latest Blue Heron romance. Middle sister Honor has been so focused on growing the family business, she hasn’t started her own family. She’s then humiliated when her lifelong friend and occasional hookup partner, Brogan, turns down her misguided marriage proposal. Enter Tom Barlow, a British professor who needs a green card to stay in the country and remain close to his dead fiancée’s son. After a blind date, Honor and Tom impulsively decide to enter a marriage of convenience. Of course, once they’re living together for their sham engagement, their natural chemistry leads to what inconveniently seems like real love. Higgins once again blends sweet romance, quirky humor, and realistic emotion in a story that will keep readers entranced. Fans will also enjoy checking in with Faith and Levi and the other Hollands who make cameo appearances. –Aleksandra Walker