Blircles and burp cloths

These fun little cross-stitched blocks took longer to complete than I expected!  And they ended up looking more like circles.  When I showed my husband, he squeezed one in his fingers and considered.  “Just call it a blircle,” he finally decided.

Blircle it is.

Along with five fuzzy burp cloths, I finally finished up these blircles and am ready to send them off to my favorite little boy in Seattle.  I wish I could deliver them in person and see how much he’s grown in the last few weeks!  It won’t be long before he’s using the blircles to peg his big sisters from across the room…

Good thing they’re soft.  🙂

Sew, Write

Ten Random Excuses

As I stared miserably at my manuscript this afternoon, I asked myself – WHY am I struggling with editing so much?  I had quite a list of excuses ready.

1.  Because the toys in this house are very noisy.  And so is the little boy who operates them.

2.  Because I’ve just returned from a mini-vacation in Seattle.  The time difference (all two hours of it) screwed up my ability to think straight.

3.  Because it’s spring.  I have allergies.  (Then why, my husband keeps asking, do I insist on putting flowers in the house??)

4.  Because there’s something beautiful to be made with this blueberry fabric.  I’m just not sure what it is yet.

5.  Because editing is hard!  (stamp foot on the ground for effect)  Especially when you’ve been out of the routine for five days and there’s a noisy little boy underfoot and there’s blueberry fabric sitting beside the new sewing machine.  And did I mention there’s a two-hour time difference between Seattle and Minnesota?

6.  Because there is sewing to do and there are quilts to be made.  (Aren’t these quilts pretty?  I found them all over my friend’s house while visiting Seattle.  Yes, I took pictures of her baby too!  He’s adorable!)

7.  Because I’m hungry.  While in Seattle my friends fed me steak, blue cheese and bacon mac-n-cheese, and sautéed spinach.  I ate like a queen.  (Or a pig – probably more appropriate.)

8.  Because this little elephant is waiting for me to make him into a baby block.

9.  Achoo!

10.  Because I had to write out all of these excuses for not editing today.  And blog about it.  And then add pictures.

OKAY, I know.  I can hear you telling me to stop whining and just get on with my editing!  I’ll go put some ear plugs in, move the flowers to another room, and stop staring at the blueberry fabric.  Promise.  But thanks for letting me get away with it for just a little bit.  And in case you felt like making some excuses of your own, here’s a little quote I found that can help kick our rears back into gear.  🙂


“The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other person finds an excuse.”  ~Author Unknown


I have a confession

I think I need to explain something before I go on with this blog.

I’m a fabric stalker.  Slinking into craft and quilt stores and fondling  fleece and silk is a weekly occurrence for me.  Every day I spend hours snooping through sewing blogs and then toss and turn at night while I dream about patterns and designs.  I’ve been known to buy fat quarter bundles and Moda charm packs and then hoard them in the bottom drawer of my desk for months.

It’s only recently that I’ve discovered that I don’t actually have a sickness.  It turns out that I am simply a sewing enthusiast.  There are millions of women out there just like me.  What a relief!

I am pretty new to sewing.  I’ve appreciated it for years, but only recently felt brave enough to try it for myself.  A few weeks ago I actually pulled this fat quarter bundle from my bottom desk drawer and decided to make something with it.

At first I just set it on a shelf in my four-year old’s room and stared at it for a while.  He stared at it with me as we rocked together before bed each night, and we discussed all the things we could make with the fabric – some pj’s, a blanket, a soft car (his suggestion).

After a few weeks, and much discussion, we decided on some stuffed blocks for my friend’s new baby boy.   It meant doing some cross stitching, some hand sewing, and getting out the old 1970’s Kenmore sewing machine.  The cross stitching and hand sewing went really well.  I made a pretty cute baby block.

Getting out the dinosaur sewing machine, however, did not go so well.  It decided to make a rat’s nest instead of stitches and then literally seized up after my husband took it apart to “fix” it.   It’s still in ten pieces.

But at least I’ve started to use the adorable fabric bundle, and at least I know that I can hand stitch these little babies and finish all four by the time my friend’s little tike turns five.  I also know how to stalk craft and quilting stores and fondle new sewing machines.  🙂

In case you were curious, the fabric (It’s a Jungle Flannels) is made by Hoffman Fabrics.  I’m hoping I’ll soon have a bib and some burp cloths to show you as well.  Wish me luck!