As a writer, there are many days when I can sit and work on my manuscript for hours upon hours upon hours.  But today, my friends, is not one of them. 🙂 I’ve spent the morning staring at my computer screen, nearly going cross-eyed with the longing to write something worthwhile.  In the end I gave up and decided to let myself play with a little fabric and paper instead.


In my attempt to procraftinate today, I pulled a few old scrapbook albums from my shelves.  You guys, look what I found… my baby boy, looking completely adorable three years ago, playing with his toys while big brother was away at school.  I can’t believe how much he’s changed.  And I can’t believe that I haven’t made the effort to scrapbook my boys’ lives very much since then.


The picture of my baby was taken from a Project 365 album, and while I don’t think I can do another daily project that’s so time-consuming, I would love to try week by week.  Would we call this a Project 52? 🙂 My fabulous friend Kristen introduced me to a company called Simple Stories that looks like it offers promising and helpful products.  They have this scrapbook collection coming out in December and I think I may have to order it.

What kind of products do you all love for your memory keeping? Do share – I need all the ideas I can get. ❤


Little Man

Other than the time he nearly made me sew my fingers into the fabric (by sneaking under the desk and pressing the foot pedal as hard as he could), my little guy hasn’t been very interested in my new sewing machine.

These baby burp cloths, on the other hand, have really piqued his interest.  “Why do babies barf so much?” he asks me.  “Why do they need so many barf cloths?” (which sounds like “buyf cwoffs” when he says it.)

I’m not sure I’ve answered his questions very well, but I’m happy to report that he thinks I make “bootifuw buyf cwoffs”.    Awww, thanks little man.  Just don’t look too close at the stitching, ok?  🙂