On goals and courage

Have you ever had a goal, so big and so exciting, that you were actually hesitant about trying to achieve it?

I ran a half marathon once.  It took me six months to prepare, physically and mentally.  I was so anxious that I became ill for the entire week before the race.  My friend (who asked me to run it with her) had to practically beg me to show up on race day and just try.

I’m so glad that I did.  It was one of the proudest moments of my life.  When I crossed the finish line I was gasping with exhaustion and tears – I couldn’t believe I had done it!  It wasn’t the perfect run and I didn’t have a record time.  But I did it.

This is how I feel about writing.  It’s exactly how I feel about my current manuscript.  I have a goal, a very big and exciting one, to finish all editing this summer and to self-publish by September.   And now I’m starting to feel a little scared because I might actually achieve it.

Currently, I’ve edited to page 141 out of 191 pages.   Although the editing process is going slower than I expected, I still plan to finish in the next month or so.  I have two wonderful friends standing by, waiting to receive a copy so they can add their editing genius.  By the end of the summer – September 1st is my goal – I’ll have a self published e-book ready.  And printed books on the way.

Like my half marathon, I’m not expecting my first published book to be perfect or to bring in a record number of readers (though, I’m a dreamy sort of girl who is certainly not closed off to the possibility!)  What I am expecting is to feel the same kind of pride as I did when I finished that half marathon – the amazement that I did it!   I’m fully prepared to look back one day and be proud of what I’ve accomplished in my writing… simply because I had the courage to start.

So here’s to courage and being brave enough to try!

What are you scared you might achieve?  And are you going for it anyway?  I sure hope so!