Sew, Write

There’s always time

Is it just me, or are things getting crazy busy?  With so much going on before summer vacation starts and a manuscript hogging  my attention, I almost forgot to sew over these last couple of weeks.  Almost.

But even in the throes of chaos, there’s always time for playing with pretty fabric, right?   Maybe I’ll have this baby finished by the end of the summer!  🙂

Read, Sew, Write

Reading, Writing, Sewing… updates!

Even with a little mishap (eh hem, cutting up too much of my fabric in class and having to buy extra to make up for it), I’m having a blast making my very first quilt.  Tonight I finished sewing together 40 blocks and I can’t get over how pretty the fabrics are together.  Sew much fun!

While my current manuscript is being edited I’ve decided to go ahead and start writing the next book.  So far it’s going really well – already in the first chapter the characters are surprising me with their personalities and secrets!  If you’re curious what these stories are about, you can click on my sidebar’s Pinterest logo (or my flower profile pic above) and get a visual of each book.  Lola is the manuscript that’s being edited at the moment and Kate is the story I’ve just started writing.

Reading, reading, reading… I’ve had my nose buried in some awesome books lately.  My latest favorites:

These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner…  by far the best book I have read in a long, long time.  An incredible story, characters that came to life with every page, and a love story that made my heart nearly burst from my chest.

Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins…  I can’t get enough of this author’s books.  Her stories are always comical and sweet and so much fun to read.

The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts… book two of the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy.  I’m only halfway through, but loving it so far.  Have I ever not loved a Nora Roberts book?  😉

Sew, Write

Keeping busy

Thanks to the Modern Patchwork magazine, I finished this reflected wedges table runner without any major glitches.  And I actually enjoyed doing the binding!

I’m also doing a little celebrating this week – I finally finished the edits on my book Just Breathe over the weekend and sent it to an editor friend.   Just Breathe is my favorite story yet; I can’t wait to see what readers think of it!

Now it’s time to dig into some fresh projects… a new manuscript, a colorful lap quilt, and a few pillows and blankets for my boys’ bedrooms.  Plenty to keep me busy!    What are you keeping busy with these days?


Lessons learned

“Measure twice, cut once.”  This saying is most often used in the construction business, but I’m finding it a handy piece of advice when sewing as well.  I finally finished my pink table runner – and built up quite a list of lessons learned in the process of making it!   Here are a few of the big ones:

Be consistent with seam sizes.  Wow, is it ever hard to match up triangles and squares when they’re different sizes.

Those pins in the cute little pin cushions are actually quite useful.  I should use them a LOT more.  It’s amazing how much fabric shifts when a person is only holding it together with her fingers.  *sigh*

Binding is not for the ill-prepared.  It’s worth the time and effort to do some research or take a class on the process.  And it will save a lot of headaches!

Even though this pink little beauty gave me some trouble, I had a great time working on it!  I really learned a lot and can’t wait to try something new.  I think the funniest part of the whole project was when I showed it to my husband and boys this evening.  All three of them tilted their heads in the same direction (remember the earlier lesson I learned about consistent seams?  Yeah… makes the runner curve a bit…) and smiled politely.  “Looks beautiful!” they cheered together.

Gotta love my boys.  😉

Sew, Write

Pretties and projects

I’m closing in on the final days of my editing project – the manuscript is so close to being finished (first round of edits, anyway!) that I can nearly taste it.  Yay!

When I put so much time into my writing I have to put extra time into playing too.  I can’t write well if I don’t also enjoy a little tactile creativity.  So I figured a trip to the local fabric store, the beautiful Millie P’s, was in order.  🙂

I’m not yet sure what I’ll make with all of these pretty fabrics.  Maybe some new hot pads or table runners for the kitchen, maybe a few pillow covers for my boys or my office.  There are lots of fun possibilities – and lots of inspiration as I work my way through the rest of my manuscript.   So (sew) excited! 🙂



I’ve been overwhelmed by boy stuff lately.   Race cars and grease, Transformer toys and dirt – you name the boy toy (or sound or smell) and that’s what you’ll find around here.

I needed a pink pick-me-up.

I’ve been hoarding a charm pack (Moda’s Sunkissed by Sweetwater) for ages and decided it was time to make a quilted runner out of it.  The fabric is so girly and fun… exactly what I needed!

I still have the backing and binding to finish, but that will be the easy part of this project.   This was my first attempt at sewing triangles, and lucky for me, you can’t see too much of the stitching in the pictures.   Let’s just say I gave it a lot of… character.   When you lay it flat on a table, one end curves to the right.

I have no idea how I did that…

Originally I was planning to put this on the kitchen table.  But now that I’ve sewn it together and see how girly it is, I’m going to use it as a runner for my bedroom dresser.  I don’t even want to try to put pink on the table in front of 3 boys – imagine the eye-rolling and whining!