Little Man

Other than the time he nearly made me sew my fingers into the fabric (by sneaking under the desk and pressing the foot pedal as hard as he could), my little guy hasn’t been very interested in my new sewing machine.

These baby burp cloths, on the other hand, have really piqued his interest.  “Why do babies barf so much?” he asks me.  “Why do they need so many barf cloths?” (which sounds like “buyf cwoffs” when he says it.)

I’m not sure I’ve answered his questions very well, but I’m happy to report that he thinks I make “bootifuw buyf cwoffs”.    Awww, thanks little man.  Just don’t look too close at the stitching, ok?  🙂

Sew, Write

Bernie and Me

Remember that determined post I wrote yesterday about my writing goals?

Ha ha, the joke’s on me!  I picked up my beautiful new Bernina sewing machine today and guess who didn’t get a lick of editing done?

Yeah, that would be me.  I’ll need to set some ground rules, I think.   Something like “Daily editing and writing goals must be achieved before playing with the new sewing machine.”

By the way, so you’re not confused in later posts, I’ve named her Bernie.  We’ve been hanging out all evening.  She’s helped me sew together two more baby blocks and some colorful patchwork.  My family thinks I’ve lost my marbles because I’ve been calling out things like “look at these fantastic zig-zags!” and “she has so many different feet!”   (Seriously, you should see the cool presser feet on this machine!)

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

P.S.  I promise to edit tomorrow.  Scout’s honor.  🙂